MDDOP N4/N5 : Multi-Disciplinary Drawing Office Practice (Draughting Course)

This course is suitable for anyone with a passion for EGD and will enable you to work in the Mechanical, Electrical, Building and structural fields. It involves draughting Machine parts, house plans, pipe layouts, Electrical reticulation plans, steel structures and much more

Entry Requirement: Grade 12 with Maths or N3 Engineering Certificate with Mathematics and Technical or Engineering Drawing. If you do not have these qualifications, a bridging course is available. Recommendations, Your computer and computer literacy.

Having your own computer or laptop is a big advantage.

Duration: The MDDOP course is nine months. Only on successful completion of both levels will a National Certificate be issued.

The certificate consists of nine subjects of which one (Electrical Draughting N5) is optional.



Mechanical and Drawing Office Orientation N4

Pictorial Draughting N4

Mechanical Draughting N4

General Draughting N4

Computer-aided Draughting N5

Building Draughting N5

Structural steel detailing N5

Technical Illustration N5

Electrical Draughting N5

Workplace Opportunities

Once you pass all eight subjects with a minimum 50% or more, you will receive your MDDOP Certificate. Upon completing three years of practical work experience with a Draughting Company, you can apply to the National Institute Of Draughting and SACAP, which entitles you to sign off Architectural plans as you are now a fully qualified Draughtsperson in the architecture industry. Learners who have completed this course will find that there are many draughting employment opportunities in various

Industries, e.g. architectural, mechanical, civil and structural engineering, town planning, mine surveying, etc.