Digital Citizen Plus

What is Digital Citizen Plus?

Digital Citizen Plus is specially developed as an introduction to the ICDL Basic Modules, to cater for candidates who have very little experience of computers and the Internet. Digital Citizen Plus helps to remove the fear of using a computer for beginners by using a simple, non-threatening approach to educating individuals in the basic skills of using a computer, email, and the Internet.

It is a fun, informal and uncomplicated introduction to computers and the Internet for beginners. It is designed to establish a basic understanding of computers and the Internet.  It is designed to build confidence and provide a basis to encourage further exploration and development of computer and Internet skills in the ICDL Basic Modules.

Who is best for the Digital Citizen Plus course?

Digital Citizen Plus is designed for beginners and is open to everyone regardless of status, education, age, ability or understanding. There are many people who have very little exposure to computers or the Internet. Many of these people would like to build on what they know already but need a steppingstone to the ICDL Basic Modules. If that sounds like someone you know, Digital Citizen Plus is the programme for them to build their confidence level, before progressing on their path to achieving digital literacy.

What will I be able to do after completing the course?
  • Understand computer concepts around hardware and software.
  • Identify health, environment and security considerations when using computers.
  • Manage basic desktop settings and manage files and folders.
  • Create, save, edit and format a word processing document.
  • Create, save, edit and format a spreadsheet document.
  • Search for information on the web, create and edit bookmarks.
  • Create and send emails.
What are the benefits of this module?
  • It covers some of the essential knowledge and skills that make up the internationally recognised ICDL computer essentials, Online essentials, Word processing and spreadsheet modules.
  • Allows candidates to transition more easily to these modules.
  • Allows for the skills and knowledge to be developed in a supported training environment leading to certification following completing of a workbook and a straightforward assignment.

During the various National Lockdown Levels, it is important that the following minimum protocols are adhered to by all staff, students and visitors:

  • Participation in health checks and screenings
  • Maintaining of social distancing
  • Wearing of masks at all times
  • Sanitization when entering the campus


  • Hardware concepts
  • Software concepts
  • Computer usage considerations
  • First steps
  • Manage basic desktop settings
  • Manage files and folders
  • Create and save documents
  • Edit documents
  • Format documents
  • Print
  • Create and save spreadsheets
  • Enter content and edit spreadsheets
  • Format spreadsheets
  • Print
  • Search the web
  • Manage bookmarks
  • Manage search output
  • Send emails
  • Create emails
When can I enroll?
  • Throughout the year



Option 1: Complete the online ‘Contact us Form’ and one of the iCALC staff members will contact you.

Option 2: Complete the ‘Registration Form’ and email your form to, along with all supporting documents.

Option 3: Come to our campus and let us help you fill in all the forms.

Verification: The submission is checked, and all supporting documentation is verified.

Registration: Successful applicants will be required to pay the registration fee and first installment or deposit to finalize their registration.

The Registration is then captured and submitted, and your student number will then be issued.