Fire Fighting

Why is Basic Fire Fighting Skills Necessary?

Although fires are not the major cause of death in South Africa, their devastating effects are being felt across the country. Every month we hear of cases of fire damage in the media. Fires are a danger to human survival and as a result, they must be managed. Prevention is better than cure, a common statement by HIV/AIDS activists is also a popular song in fire management.


Basic Fire Fighting is about bringing fires under control and putting the fires out. Basic Fire Fighting will teach you the necessary skills to quickly and correctly identify the type of fire so that you can select the appropriate fire fighting procedure. But, as we’ve mentioned above, prevention is better than cure, this means that we’ll teach you how to identify fire risks at the workplace. This will help you minimize the possibility of accidental fire.

Course Content

  • Nature of fire
  • Identifying risks in the workplace
  • Fire classification
  • Methods of fire transmission
  • Firefighting and safety equipment
  • Firefighting procedures and techniques; incl. evacuation
  • Fire prevention
  • Duration:
  • 4+ hours workshop


Read, write, understand English


Classroom assignments

Practical demonstration – use of a hand-held fire extinguisher

If found ‘not yet competent’, an attendance certificate will be issued


First Aid Training SA Certificate

Valid for 2 years