iCALC Training Academy was founded in 2014 and has grown from strength to strength since then.  Having started with 90 students and 5 staff members we have grown to 25 staff members and about 900 students.   We have gone through and survived many things, but when you are in a position that you know that is adding value to the community that you serve, you know that survival is your only option.  Nothing will prevent us from offering academic excellence and a home-from-home atmosphere for our clients to study in. 

iCALC Training Academy has become known within the community as a reliable training partner as well as a source of well-educated apprentices for all the various trades within the engineering sector.  Many businesses call on us to supply them with suitably qualified students that can enter into an apprentice programme to qualify as an artisan.  You can be confident that by partnering with iCALC Training, the student will attain high-quality education and training needs that meet international standards.  We proud ourselves in offering high-quality education in the Engineering, Business and IT sectors.  We are striving to make an impact on our immediate community, Province and country focusing on qualifications and skills that are current and offered by top quality staff.  We aim to be good role models for our students by helping equip them for life, creating a “hunger for learning”, awakening the “learner within” so that they encompass a “best practice” of lifelong learning.  Our students are encouraged to be participative and involved and we foster career-building by ensuring organisational pride, loyalty and the development of emotional intelligence. 

We have a heart for our country and concern for upstanding people with high business ethics.  With this in mind, we believe that education is key to improving our society.  Our Academy is here to attract students that are serious about learning and their futures, students from diverse cultures as we integrate together in the culture of learning.  This journey starts here with our students as we provide a challenging, educational environment that encourages individual growth and professionalism, instilling a sense of well-being and a life-long commitment to learning.